Evaluation Checklist

  • Your completed Handler’s Questionnaire Form for team evaluator review.

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination, such as a certificate or vaccination records from the veterinarian.
  • A towel, small blanket or basket, if the animal will be carried.
  • An acceptable collar or harness and an acceptable leash. Use the Leash or harness that your animal will wear during visits.
  • Course Completion Certificate for either the in-person Handler’s Workshop or the Online Handler’s Course for new teams; a previous Pet Partners badge for renewing teams.
  • A brush or comb that the animal is accustomed to, and that is Pet Partners appropriate to take on a visit.
  • Treats to use for one specific evaluation exercise. Note: Food rewards may not otherwise be given during the evaluation. Lots of affection and praise are encouraged during short breaks between exercises.
  • If you are between the ages of 10 and 16: A parent or guardian must accompany you at the evaluation.
  • If you are requesting modifications to evaluation exercises or permission to use equipment not listed as acceptable, a Letter of Accommodation provided to you by Pet Partners.

CLICK HERE   for a printable PDF copy of this Evaluation Checklist.

If you are missing materials your evaluator may not be able to evaluate you that day. Remember that the evaluation is like a simulated visit.


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