Fry's Community Rewards Program

Did you know you can support Pet Partners of Southern Arizona just by shopping at Fry's? Fry's is committed to helping our community grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches, synagogues and other nonprofit organizations earn millions of dollars through Fry's Community Rewards.

It's easy  to support Pet Partners of Southern Arizona (PPSAZ) when you enroll in Fry's Community Rewards! To get started, sign up with your V.I.P Card, and list PPSAZ as the nonprofit organization of your choice to support. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for PPSAZ every time you shop and use your V.I.P Card!
Enroll now for the Fry's Community Rewards Program. And remember…all participants must re-enroll each year to continue earning rewards for their chosen organization.

​Create Fry's Account
STEP 1: Creating an Online Fry’s Account
**NOTE: If you already have an online Fry’s account, skip to Step 2

* Go to
* Click on "Welcome! Sign In" (top right)
* Click on "No Account? Register" (top right)
* Under "Create an Account", enter your email and create a password (write down your email &

   password—you will need it in step 2)
* Under "Select your preferred store", enter your postal code and click "Find"
* Select your store then click on “Create Account”
* You will then be prompted to check your email for the confirmation email
* Click the hyperlink "View My Account" in your email to finish creating your Online Fry’s Account
* Continue to step #2 to register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program of your choice

STEP 2: Register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program
* Go to        PPSAZ ID is 93916
* Select "Sign-In".
* Enter your email and password then select ‘sign in’. (this will be the email and password you created in

   step 1)
* Under "Welcome back!" click "Your Name/My Account"
* Under "Account Summary” scroll down "Community Rewards"
* Click ‘enroll’ under "Community Rewards", if prompted, enter personal information
* Under Find Your Organization: Enter the NPO number 93916 or name of organization then select ‘search’.
* Under Select Your Organization: Select box next to your organization (left side)
* Then select ‘save changes’.
* If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization information listed under

   ‘Community Rewards’ on your account summary page.