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Make visiting a wonderful and rewarding time for you and for your therapy animal! 

For the health and safety of our therapy animal and per Pet Partners policy, all pet therapy visits should not exceed two hours per team per day. The exact policy states, "I will visit only with animals that are registered with Pet Partners and with only one animal at a time. I understand that, for safety and liability reasons, visiting may not exceed 2 hours per team per day."   To review the policy, you may access it at:  

We also recommend you limit your weekly visits to two or three days a week at most, and stay alert to signs of fatigue, anxiety, or stress on the part of your animal. You may be having a great time with lots of visits, but your dog may be saying enough is enough! You want to be a therapy team for many, many years, so strive not to wear your dog out to the point were visit become a chore for them.

The links on this page are to facilities that have contacted PPSAZ requesting Pet Partners therapy teams to visit.  The requests for therapy visits are always more than the teams we currently have to volunteer.  Most of these facilities are appropriate for teams with Predictable ratings, unless otherwise noted.

Please be aware that people change jobs and names or contact information might be outdated.  We suggest you contact the facility directly and ask for their activities/volunteer coordinator.  Most all of the facilities are linked to their websites. If you have any questions, you may contact our facilities volunteers at  [email protected]

Read-to-a-Dog Programs

If you are looking for Read-to-a-Dog opportunities at local schools, please contact PPSAZ's Reading Events Coordinator, Mary Jan Bancroft at:

Remember February is Love of Reading Month!

Watch for email sign up information to volunteer at University of Arizona and Pima Community College visits during final exam time and special events.

Also watch for email sign up information for other local opportunities and special events throughout the year.

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