Being a Pet Partner is a special honor. To help enrich your experience, we hope you will become a member of Pet Partners.

PPSAZ (Pet Partners of Southern Arizona) maintains this website to make it easier for all in Southern Arizona to learn how they might become Pet Partners, as well as provide opportunities for facilities to learn more about what we do and who to contact to start their own visiting programs. The website also provides an easy portal for Pet Partners to find evaluation dates, as well as other pertinent information. 

In addition to providing the website, PPSAZ offers special opportunities for Pet Partners in southern Arizona that are designed to provide support and help enrich their Pet Partners experience. Below is an overview of how a PPSAZ membership can benefit you. 

PPSAZ Support for Pet Partner Volunteers                       PPSAZ Member    Non-Member

Discounted Pet Partners Renewal/Registration Fee                    X
Members pay the Community Partner rate offered  
by the national Pet Partners association. 

First time Pet Partners are helped to find a facility to                 X
visit and mentoring/shadowing opportunities to 
assist on first visit. 

Receive eNewsletter including helpful "knowledge                     X
sharing" information from other Pet Partner Teams.
Access to Members Only page on PPSAZ website.                      X

Learn about new and existing facilities looking                           X                                 
for PPSAZ Pet Partner teams through eNewsletter                                                              
and Help Wanted webpage                                                                                                                                                                                 
Opportunity to help at PPSAZ information booths and             X                    As needed
do presentations about Pet Partners at local                                             
events/fairs/community event.

Invitations to social events and educational                                X
opportunities sponsored by PPSAZ

Special visiting opportunities managed by PPSAZ                      X                   As needed            
(such as: special Read-To-A-Dog events, U of A                                             
and Pima Community College, events at schools,
libraries, etc.)    

Free local evaluations                                                                      X                            X 

Opportunity to purchase color PPSAZ Trading Cards                X
(Check "Members Only" page for details)

Local Volunteer Opportunities
Members Only